Burke, Bass & Lewis lead #EndChildPoverty rally in South L.A.

As excerpted from the Los Angeles Sentinel:

Assembly Bill (AB) 1520, the Lifting Children and Families Out of Poverty Act of 2017, brought the community together with politicians from DC and Sacramento for a block party style rally in South Los Angeles on Sunday April 9, to address child poverty in the state of California. The event took place at the St. John’s Well Child & Family Center located at 808 West 58th Street.

For school kids, good vision should be elementary; this bill can help: Guest commentary

What if helping struggling students was as easy as having their eyes checked? What if the children we have labeled as problems in the classroom just can’t see the board?

While our students face myriad obstacles to school success, correctable vision problems shouldn’t be one of them.http://www.presstelegram.com/opinion/20170330/for-school-kids-good-vision-should-be-elementary-this-bill-can-help-guest-commentary