Assemblywoman Burke Urges Support for the FACT Act

(Sacramento) - Assemblywoman Autumn Burke (D-Inglewood) who was a baby when her mother Yvonne Burke became the first Congresswoman to give birth while in office and be granted maternity leave while serving, is urging all Californians to support the FACT Act. Passed in 2015, the measure requires licensed healthcare facilities to post or distribute a notice that states ‘California has public programs that provide free or low-cost access to comprehensive family planning services.’ Alternatively, unlicensed facilities must disseminate a notice to all clients acknowledging that it is not licensed as a medical facility by the state of California. The measure is being challenged at the Supreme Court. “All my life I have watched my mother fight for the rights’ of women, long before it was socially accepted to do so,” Assemblywoman Burke said. “I too, am fighting for women’s rights- specifically, for their right to make the best reproductive choices for themselves and their families.” Here’s more in this Assembly Access video. Support the FACT Act here.