Assemblywoman Autumn Burke’s Statement on SCOTUS Ruling Against Women’s Health Rights in NIFLA v Becerra

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Sacramento, CA – We politely asked Crisis Pregnancy Centers to lie less and that didn’t work, so I guess we are going to have to be a little less polite about it.

As a mother and a legislator I’m proud of California’s history of guaranteeing a woman’s right to her reproductive choices and access to a basic level of health care, but that right is an empty promise if she lacks the ability to obtain care and services, or if the provider she’s trusting to care for her doesn’t provide information about all of her health care options. 

As joint author on AB 775, today's decision is incredibly disappointing, but more importantly - it sets a dangerous precedent. 

One vote: That’s the difference between ending the deceptive tactics used at unlicensed Crisis Pregnancy Centers that harm women and their families.

It could be the difference between keeping Roe or banning abortion in America.

Roe is at greater risk than ever before.  The anti-choice movement is not going to give up – and neither are we.  Too much is at stake.

This decision has only strengthened my resolve to continue to fight for laws that protect the right to choose and to work to end the lies once and for all. We want every woman, regardless of where she turns for support, to know she’s receiving quality care from a licensed facility that provides all the information she needs to make the decision that’s best for her.

It is a right guaranteed by our constitution.

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Assemblymembers Chiu and Burke React to US Supreme Court's Decision to Block FACT Act

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Below are links to audio of Assemblymembers Chiu and Burke and the entire news conference.

Opening remarks from Assemblymember Chiu, author of the Reproductive FACT Act,  at today’s news conference. (3:52)

Assemblymember Chiu says California will fight back against this decision.  (:07)

Assemblymember Chiu says the SCOTUS decision flies in the face of honesty.  (:18)

Remarks from Reproductive FACT Act co-author Assemblymember Autumn Burke at today’s news conference. (1:43)

Assemblymember Burke says this decision puts health care for women at risk.  (:14)

Entire, unedited FACT Act Supreme Court decision news conference. (16:26)