Assemblywoman Autumn R. Burke's bill to 'Lift Children and Families Out of Poverty' passed by Legislature

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO –Assemblywoman Autumn R. Burke today praised Assembly and Senate members for their passage of her landmark bill to provide a comprehensive framework for economic, education, social service, health care and human service programs and innovations to help lift an estimated California's one-million children out of poverty.

Assemblywoman Burke's "End Child Poverty" legislation – AB 1520 – has been sent to Governor Brown's desk where it awaits his signature.

Assemblywoman Burke said, "With unanimous bipartisan support for AB 1520, members of the Assembly and Senate affirmatively joined with a statewide coalition of child welfare organizations, health and human services advocates and local elected officials seeking to bring an end to child poverty. The Legislature has affirmatively established ending child poverty as a significant state priority. Governor Brown can now do his part by signing AB 1520 into law."

"California has a heartbreaking 2-million children living in poverty. By working collectively and collaboratively, we can help break the cycle of poverty that undercuts and hampers the life potential of millions of California children and devastates their hopes and aspirations to achieve their goals as teens and young adults in the future," Assemblywoman Burke added.


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