Assemblywoman Autumn R. Burke’s Bipartisan Bill to lift 1 million California Children Out of Poverty Advances

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Assembly Human Services Committee Votes to Pass AB 1520

LOS ANGELES – Assemblywoman Autumn R. Burke today advanced her landmark bill to provide a comprehensive framework for economic, education, social service, health care and human service programs and innovations to help lift an estimated California’s 1-million children out of poverty.

Assemblywoman Burke’s ‘End Child Poverty’ bill (AB 1520) was approved today by members of the Assembly Human Services Committee by a vote of 6 to 0. “I was moved to see the bipartisan support provided by my colleagues for AB 1520. This bipartisan initiative, which is being carried by a growing coalition of support, seeks to have California commit to lifting 1,000,000 California children out of poverty,” said Assemblywoman Burke.

"Does anyone think it's okay to have almost two million children living in poverty when we have the ability to change that? AB 1520 changes that,” said Conway Collis, CEO of GRACE, the sponsor of AB 1520.

“I hope more of my colleagues can join me along with a host of groups and nonprofit organizations statewide– including the California Legislative Black Caucus, Jewish Public Affairs Committee of California, California State PTA, First 5 California, Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County, Los Angeles-based St. John’s Well Child and Family Centers and National Foster Youth Institute in this bipartisan initiative, – to reduce the number of children living in poverty in California by 50% over the next 20-years,” said Assemblywoman Burke.

AB 1520 will be considered by the members of the Assembly Appropriations Committee at an upcoming scheduled hearing. For more information, go to: or