Assemblywoman Burke Introduces Legislation to make Zero Emission Vehicles an everyday reality for all Californians

For immediate release:

The Zero Emission Vehicle Greater Access Package will allow for a broader adoption of zero emission vehicles in California by improving affordability and accessibility

SACRAMENTO – Assemblywoman Autumn R. Burke (D-Inglewood) has introduced three separate pieces of legislation that would seek to accomplish Governor Jerry Brown’s goal of having 1.5 million zero emission vehicles (ZEV) on California roads by 2025.  AB 1081 provides a tax incentive for consumers purchasing ZEV vehicles at the point of purchase when they turn-in their older vehicles. AB 1082 and AB 1083 would direct utility companies to install publicly accessible charging stations at public schools, state parks, and beaches respectively.

“This series of bills tackles the chicken and egg question in the adoption of zero emission vehicles, how to make ZEVs more affordable and accessible. AB 1081 would create a Cash for Clunkers 2.0 which makes zero emission vehicles more affordable at the point of purchase while AB 1082 and 1083 provides the infrastructure to make zero emission vehicles more accessible to all Californians,” stated Assemblywoman Burke.

A National Resource Defense Council report cites the top four major reasons which dissuade consumers from purchasing an electric vehicle are: length of time to charge, concerns over battery depletion while driving, lack of charging stations and concern over driving range.  Additionally, according to the California New Car Dealers Association, sales for new zero-emission vehicles have stagnated at 3.3 percent of market share.

“The dealers are ready. We’ve got the ZEVs and plug-ins, we have product specialists ready to talk EVs – we even offer free charging stations to customers,” said Norris Bishton, a Los Angeles-based Toyota/Honda/Ford dealer. “What’s been missing in the equation is customer demand. This new incentive created by this bill will increase that demand and help me sell more zero emission vehicles.”

“By making charging stations more publicly accessible and increasing incentives, we can make zero emission vehicles an everyday reality while fighting climate change and making California a healthier state in which to live,” said Assemblywoman Burke.