The District Dispatch for October 2017

Tuesday, October 31, 2017 - 00:00


Thank you for your interest in my monthly newsletter.  It is an honor to serve the beautiful 62nd District as your representative in the California Assembly.  This past year, with your help and advocacy, we were able to protect our environment, begin to reduce child poverty, and create the foundation to expand accessibility for electric vehicles. In November, I am excited to announce our office will be hosting Operation Gobble again to provide hams and turkeys for families in our district. Please see below for more details.

I always appreciate your input.  Please call my District office at (310) 412-6400 and tell us how we’re doing.


Autumn Burke
Assemblymember, 62nd District




2017 Legislator of the Year

This year, Assemblymember Burke had five bills pass out of the legislature, all of which were signed by the Governor.  Here’s a brief look at each

AB 818: Allows CalWORKs participants who are in the process of obtaining, or who have recently obtained, their high school equivalency, to continue participating in welfare-to-work activities designed to move them to self-sufficiency. The bill extends the 24-month clock for those who are making satisfactory progress but need additional time to complete a high school equivalency as well as for those who have recently done so but need additional time to complete a subsequent activity.

AB 1082: Encourages installation of electric vehicle charging stations at state parks and beaches.  California will need 125,000-220,000 stations, more than a 1000% increase from the 10,000 stations we have today. By providing charging stations at public schools, we can encourage teachers and parents to purchase electric vehicles while creating new jobs in the clean energy sector and reducing the state’s greenhouse gas emissions.

AB 1083: Promotes installation of electric vehicle charging stations at state parks and beaches.  California will need 125,000-220,000 stations, more than a 1000% increase from the 10,000 stations we have today. By providing charging stations at state parks and beaches, we can encourage more people to visit our state parks and beaches and create more 21st century jobs for Californians

AB 1396: Will clarify that the parent and child relationship cannot be established between a child and a surrogate by proof of having given birth. AB 1396 clarifies that upon signing a contract, the surrogate, her husband, or partner is not a parent of, and has no parental rights or duties with respect to, the child or children.

AB 1520: California is the sixth largest economy in the world while having the highest poverty rate in the nation.  AB 1520 would create the Lifting Children and Families out of Poverty Act, which would commit California to reduce child poverty by 50% over the next twenty years, thereby lifting 1 million children out of poverty. AB 1520 does not propose any new taxes or fees. Rather, AB 1520 would create the Lifting Children and Families Out of Poverty Taskforce to work with the Legislative Analyst Office to implement the analytic framework, as proposed in the legislation, and provide recommendations to the Legislature to accomplish the 50% reduction of child poverty.


Workforce Press Conference

On October 3, 2017, Assemblymember Autumn Burke spoke at a press conference addressing the demands for the continued building of a 21st century workforce. The Assemblymember spoke to the increasing need of connecting educational institutions with employers, “There is increasing importance of connecting industry with community colleges… But we also know it is critical to connect industry with ALL our talent development systems, from K-12 through our university systems, and our workforce development boards.”  As part of this effort, Assemblymember Burke has been involved in two important publications. The Powering Economic Opportunity report and Cap and Trade Extension Deal study will provide the data needed to better match Californians with the education they will need for the 21st century workforce.


Happy Thanksgiving turkey3rd Annual Operation Gobble:  Turkey and Ham Giveaway

On Thursday, November 16, 2016, Assemblymember Burke will be hosting an event at Lennox Park (10828 Condon Ave, Lennox, CA 90304) for residents of the 62nd Assembly District to pass out hams and turkey in preparation for Thanksgiving, while supplies last.


On Monday, October 24 and Tuesday, October 25, Assemblymember Burke attended an oversight hearing for the Select Committee on Healthcare Delivery Systems and Universal Coverage. During the hearings, a variety of experts outlined a number of countries’ healthcare systems to better inform the committee on what has and has not been shown to work.  Assemblymember Burke emphasized the need to find a more equitable system to provide healthcare for all Californians, especially those who are denied coverage due to preexisting conditions.


National Women's Political Caucus

On Thursday, October 26, Assemblymember Burke was chosen, along with 11 other women, to be honored in the 2018 Remarkable Women Leaders Calendar.  The missions of the National Women’s Political Caucus is to recruit, educate and empower prochoice women to seek public and appointed office and to work toward the advancement of better lives for women and girls in all sectors. They noted Assemblymember Burke’s efforts by stating "your body of work embraces this mission and has contributed to launch the careers of many women leaders and improving the quality of women’s lives."


The Venice Family Clinic Holds Free Cancer Screening

Venice Family Clinic Cancer Screening

The Venice Family Clinic Irma Colen Health Center is a community health center dedicated to providing quality care and is the largest community health center on the Westside of Los Angeles. On October 11, the Venice Family Clinic joined 32 other clinics in hosting the NFL’s annual “Crucial Catch Day,” which provides free breast and colon cancer screenings. The NFL’s Crucial Catch provides funding to conduct the screenings through the American Cancer Society’s Community Health Advocates Implementing Nationwide Grants for Empowerment and Equity (CHANGE) program. The Venice Family Clinic received a $75,000 grant to improve screenings, vaccinations, education, outreach and care coordination. The collaboration between the Venice Health Center and American Cancer Society allow for those most at-risk with cancer to receive the screening and outreach to best fight their cancer. The event also included remarks by the clinic, community and American Cancer Society leadership.

Each month we highlight a constituent or organization fighting to make a difference in our District. We’d love to hear your suggestions. Please send them to, and we look forward to hearing from you!